Puppy Pictures Raven and Jonesie Litter

Puppy’s Raven x Jonesie
7 weeks old
CH Some Kind of Magic’s Charisma
Latest pictures
“Trisha”, red merle girl, staying at Darling Downs
“Cassie”, blue merle girl
“Iwan”, black tri
“Delphi”, black tri girl, living with the Veldhuizen
Jonesie with his daughter Darling Downs Boots on Fire (Trisha, 8.5 months), March 2007 at the ASCD show in Bocholt
Red tri daughter Darling Downs Born to be Wild (“Bonnie”)
8.5 months
8.5 months
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9 months
Trisha, 11 months, getting prettier and prettier!
On her first FCI show she already gained her first Youth CAC and made RWB!!!
Delphi almost one year old.
We went to visit her, because she will be
moving to London in a few weeks!!!

Of course we wish her and the rest of the
Veldhuizen-family all the best in the UK!

Shota, 1 year old – Black tri girl
Iwan, 1 year old – Black tri boy
Cassie, 1 year old – Blue merle girl
Iwan (son)
now an FCI Youth Champion!!She qualified every time she was shown! Last point she
received after going BOB!
Way to go Stefanie and Trisha!
Trisha, 14 months
Shota (daughter)
‘Naked’, summer 2007
New picture of Iwan,
the black tri boy.
(January 2008)
And here’s one from Shota
Black tri girl
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for the ASCN Clubmatch.
She entered Trisha, here are
These pictures of Trisha were taken in November 2008, at 2.5 years of age.
Some new pictures of the
Mr. Jones look-a-like of the litter!
(October 2009)