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Jonesies Activities

Jonesies Activities CH Some Kind of Magic’s CharismaCD STDc OTDd ATDs JS-O RS-O GS-N DNA-CP

Video Eider Farmtrial duck run

Video Eider Farmtrial duck run Video was shot by Anneke de Jong, thank you and especially for your moral support!!! He won the Started Sheep (with a 118 points) and was High Combined at the trial!


Djairo Imagineer’s Incredible Lad CD STDs DNA-VP

Clotting Test Djairo

Clotting Test Djairo Imagineer’s Incredible LadCD OTDcsd JS-E RS-O GS-E DNA-VP

CD Title Djairo

CD Title Djairo Imagineer’s Incredible LadCD STDsd JS-N RS-N GS-N DNA-VP