Djairo Home

Djairo Home

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WTCH Imagineer’s Incredible Lad CD AFTDcsd
RS-E JS-E GS-E DNA-VP known to family and friends
as “Djairo”

Father: WTCH Rising Sun’s Qwick Draw RTDcs DNA-VP
Mother: CH Hot Java of Imagineer STDsd DNA-VP
Breeders: Gemi & Eric Brickson (Ohio – USA)

Date of Birth: June 25th 2006
AKC: DN15073701 – NHSB: 2629296 – ASCA: E147238
Height: 57.5 cm / 22″
Full dentition – Scissors bite
Hips: HD-A (OFA-Excellent)
Elbows: 0 – 0, Free
Eyes: Clear (checked yearly)
Tail: Long (docked)
MDR1: Free (Normal / Normal)
Juvenile Cataract test (HSF4) University of Helsinki: Carries 2 normal copies of DNA
CEA: Carrier

Owner: Valerie Hoosemans (Contact)

Djairo lives in The Hague, Holland together with Australian Shepherds Mr. Jones and McKenzie, and their feline
friends Roosje and 2Shae.

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