Photo Album

Summer 2004:
At the Beach with Muffy, Steps, Nina and Sophie
Summer 2004:
sister Crazy, Jonesie, brother Cirro and sister Envy
at the ‘Jonge Hondendag’ of the
Belgian Australian Shepherd Club
Summer 2004:
Muffy and Paljas in France
November 2004:
Jones with Parker at Muir Beach
November 2004:
Jones with Odette in a Zequoiah tree
Christmas 2003:
Jones with Paljas and Vos in France
November 2004:
Jones with Theo at Pismo Beach
Highrails Famous
Canadian Diva

Jonesies dearest

September 2005: Some Kind of Magic’s Reunion
Envy, Stormy, Crazy, Jonesie and Cirro
June 2007: Jonesie and Quinto
August 2007 at the Luxembourg Open
Agility competition:
Jones and his brother Billy
(whom we finally met again after 4