Photo Album

Mini Break in Friesland May 2006
May 2006 Muffy, Jonesie and I went to the JJ Ranch for clinics and Trials
(also see Activities – Jonesies Herdingpage – Trials May 2006).
In between the clinics and the trials we had two ‘days off’…

Anneke showed me a beautiful, small lake in the area where the dogs could take a swim.
On Saturday, Marja and I both didn’t enter the trials so we went there with
Muffy, Fellow and Jonesie.

All three  in the water
I’m not crazy, I’m a submarine…
Jonesie of Loch Ness?
Jonesie just loves playing  in water
… just havin’ so much fun
Jones wants it, I’ve got it!
Jones pretending to be a Grizzly Bear
headstudy of Fellow
My one and only favourite girl!
Fellow of Loch Ness?
Jones showing he really has a ‘full tail’
I just had to also put this picture on Jonesies
website, because one judge said “needs more
Even at 17 you can have fun!