Jonesies Photo Album

Jonesies Photo Album

Jonesie five weeks old, as cute as can be…
Jonesie seeing eye to eye
with Caitlin…
Jonesies first
day at his new
Jonesie after his first ‘accidental swim’…
relaxing after
playing at
the ASCB
Jonge Honden
Dag 2004
Jonesies ‘goodlooks’ after a good run with Nina (10 months old)
Jonesies having fun in a ‘doggy pool’
Summer 2004 in France
Mr. Jones posing in front of the Golden Gate
Jonesies first
time in the snow
More fun photo’s of Jones (and Muff and Fellow)
on our mini-break in Friesland check out this page:
More pictures of Jones in the snow…

Follow this link:

WTCH CH Some Kind of Magic’s Charisma
More pictures of Jonesie having fun in France:
Here are just some fun pictures of
Mr. Jones’ favourite game ‘after
July 2009 we went for a walk
with Linda and Marije.
Mr. Jones the day after the operation on a
herniated disk.
He now seems all fine, but  I sure felt sorry
for him the first ten weeks… ;-(
And to think he finished his WTCH with this
terrible hernia just 3 weeks before this MRI…
I used to always call him my ‘soft boy’…
After his MRI and knowing he finished his WTCH with
this herniated disk he is my ’tough cookie’!!!

A few weeks ago (6 weeks after the operation)
we started him on physical therapy and he is improving
so much! I’m as happy as can be!!!

Luckily we found something a little less
invasive for his back: Gundog Training.
Mr. Jones loves it!!!
Of course we had to go and find purple ones…
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