Jonesies Herding Page



Jonesies Herding Page
Summer 2005 Jonesie finished his Started Trial Dog Sheep and Ducks!
Photo: Rob Ravesteijn
Jonesie taking a mud bath after a duck run…
This summer we spent almost a week at the JJ Ranch, where
Anneke and Bjintze build us our own private garden!
This allowed me to bring Steps and Muffy along too. Thanx again!!!
Photo’s: Rob Ravesteijn
Thanx again!!!
December 2006 we went to the A-OK Ranch in Friesland for a cattle training.
June 2007, we went to the JJ Ranch for a duck
All photo’s by Rob Ravesteijn.
Here are the video’s of Mr. Jones’ OFTDsd runs under Tanya Wheeler:For some more nice photo’s also check out the May 2010 Trials-page!
Take pen
Working to 1st obstacle
First obstacle
Crossdrive part two…
Thuh? What!? Leave that one???
Oh, okay, just these…
Working at the center obstacle
Jonesies stress relief…
Click here to see some fun, nice pictures of Jones working sheep and cattle! Pictures by Martijn.
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