Gundog Jones

Gundog Jones

CH Some Kind of Magic’s Charisma
Djairo’s son Skippy (JJ Eye in the Sky) won 1st Place in the Started Class!

We started this course in January 2010, since he could no longer compete in agility due to his back injury. And he just loves it!!!

Not too many pictures, but these are taken at the ‘Club Day’, during the last exercises for the club competition.
(All pictures were taken by JP van Es)

In the first exercise a dummy is thrown in between some hay bales and in the other the dummy was thrown in between ‘fake
ducks’. (Jones used to prefer to bring the ducks to me…)
And just because the pictures were too cute, also some pictures of Djairo’s son Skippy (and Ilonka) at the gundog competition!

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