Djairo’s Agility Page

Djairo’s Agility Page

Djairo’s Agility Page
June 2008, we went to the Buzgiz workshop again! We had a great time!

To watch a video of Djairo (shot by Caroline Vroemen) at the Buzgiz-workshop in June 2008, click here.

For a lot of amazing pictures of Djairo, Jones and Jolene taken by JP van Es and Marlies Kloet, please click ‘here‘!

The second weekend of August we went to the LASC Summer Classic Event in Laakdal (Belgium).
This was Djairo’s first ever Agility trial. He really gave his best (as always…)!!!
September 2008, Djairo had his first FCI Agility Trial. He did super! He even had a Clean Run at the Jumping
with a 2nd Place!!!
Ietje Postma was really kind and stood out in the rain to video us. Thanks again Ietje!!!

Click the picture to see the video!

… a kiss for good luck!
WTCH Imagineer’s Incredible Lad
November 2010 we went to the LASC trials:

The hall was really nice (and even warm…)!

Djairo earned his last qualifying legs for his Open
Regular title and his Open Gamblers title!

Click the picture to see his qualifying Gamblers run
(shot by Noelle Hoorneman, thank you!!!).

May 24th 2010 I entered Djairo for the agility competition organised by the URV.
Joost van der Wekken shot this video of our Regular Run!