Brite Litter 1 day

CH Some Kind of Magic’s Charisma CD STDc OTDd ATDs JS-N RS-N GS-N DNA-CP Day 1 (in the order of their birth):   Roses and Dreams Guess Who – “JJ” (Jones Junior) Roses and Dreams Gorgeous One – “Armani” Red tri girl Roses and Dreams Gracious One – “Prada” Red merle girl Roses and Dreams… Lees verder Brite Litter 1 day

Pronto Litter 4 wks

Pronto Litter 4 wks Imagineer’s Incredible LadCD STDcsd JS-O RS-N GS-N DNA-VP Puppy’s Pronto x Djairo 2 Red merle boys3 Blue merle boys1 Black boy Black boy Blue merle boy Blue merle boy Blue merle boy Red merle girl Red merle girl Red merle boy Red merle boy Just a few cute pictures…

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